07-derevShoes, traditional footwear as part of the national costume reveals many secrets about the history and traditions of the people, their customs, shows similarities and differences between sometimes very distant cultures.
The history of shoes is as old as the history of human culture, and shoes, like all the other parts of the clothing changed at all times and among all peoples.
Collection of traditional shoes is – a passion, an element of comprehension of different cultures, of the world that is so multi-faceted and alluring with new discoveries around us.

About two dozen pairs of the collection are available at the unique World Hat museum, which is located in the quiet center of Riga – http://worldhat.net/ru/tradicionnaya-obuv-narodov-mira.

Traditional footwear collection is replenished constantly in proportion to travelling and sometimes to get a new pair of treasured shoes, one has to go through a bumpy ride – without which the ultimate triumph would not have been so sweet!

Welcome and enjoy – this website is about traditional shoes from all over the world!