“Ce que femme veut Dieu le veut!”
(“What woman wants,  God wants!”, French proverb)



The history of this collection began when the known researcher and Africanist, an enthusiastic traveler and fashion lover, Alexandra Arkhangelskaya, clearly realized that the point of no return has been passed – the refrigerator just could not resist: and abundance of dishes inside, and on the severity, brought from different countries of the magnets, outside. All this, mixed together with education and research on the brink of history and ethnography prompted to think about the alternative “souvenir”. In addition, Alexandra was always surprised to notice an interesting pattern: shoes is the first thing that disappears from any national costume. The reason is due to the practical point of view – shoes are very difficult to sew and they break down very quickly. Modern flip-flops and sneakers filled all the spaces for this reason – they are much easier to do and easy to carry. In return, handmade shoes, slowly vanish from being. Then Alexandra experienced a desire to perpetuate the injustice – in interesting way all coincided, says Alexandra, “I was always “weak” towards interesting pairs of shoes, and now, I’m looking through different eyes already!”

Thus, the “harmless” collection passed into the totally uncontrolled passion … What to do, fate was sealed – if I see some strange and traditional pair, it is already impossible to stop me! “And as they say in the infamous French proverb -” What woman wants, that God wants! “