Chappals ( India)


Kolhapur, a town in the state of Maharashtra, famous for its leather sandals from the XIV century. Today kolhapur chappal design is found throughout India, and their name is used to identify the structure.
Kolhapur chappals – known handmade shoes, made of machined, tough skin of buffalo, which is beneficial for everyday wear. They usually consist of two or more pieces of leather, with a strap on the thumb in the form of rings and leather polosochkoj passing on foot.
Entire families work for the production of these flip-flops; they use special patterns, which then cut the main chappal sandals. Color uses natural or painted to specification. It should be noted that not using one iron nail for the manufacture of these flip-flops. The only connection between the upper and lower part – there are seams, stitched leather cords, and sometimes cotton thread.
Some traditional designs kolhapur chappals include such designs as a kachkadi, bakkalnali and Pucara. These chappals very dense, strong and durable.