Pantoffel (Serbia)


On feet people are still wearing woolen stockings to the knee, differing in the areas of color and embroidery, and on top of them – woolen socks beautiful knitted and opanki – a kind of leather shoes such as moccasins, makes the earlier of untreated skin (preshnatsi), and later – of tanned. Opanki vary in form fields and weaving style. Now many people wear shoes (tsokula) or rubber shoes, and in Vojvodina – boots (chizma).

Pantoffel, Bandtafel. Llightweight home shoes.
(Source:. “The explanation 25,000 foreign words which have entered into use in the Russian language, with their roots signifying” Michelson, AD, 1865)
(from Bandtafel – tied feet plated). Lightweight home shoes.
(Source:. “The dictionary of foreign words included in the Russian language,” Chudinov AN, 1910)