Charyh (аzer. Çarıq).


Charyh (аzer. Çarıq). Leather. Azerbaijan.

Charyhi were the most common type of Azerbaijanisfootwear, especially among farmers. They were made of rawhide or (gene / ken) of cattle, which are processed by the same farmers, or from the skin, which is treated with more advanced way (ashylanmysh ken). The latter were more expensive, so worn by wealthy farmers, and Rawhide (сheap) – the poor.

Charyhi are worn over woolen socks or windings (patava, dolag) of cotton fabric. Poor peasants wear charyhi all the time, every day and during the holidays.

There are several types of charyh – tekburun, Shiraz, gyzgaytaran, Shatyry, gushburun, Shirvani, Kalman, Shearman et al.

To tie shoelaces there are two types – either woven wool (tohunma bug), or as twisted (eshme bug). The length of each charyha reached up to 130-150 cm. If you put a sock to the knee, then used a long cord.